Mission Statement

  Recognizes, Scouts,  and develops surfing talent.

   Trains and coaches surfing talent at all levels of ability.

The actions and decisions made in the early stages of a surfer’s career play an important role in the adult that takes on the world.

In all the levels of coaching and training we are focused on the development of a better person and athlete, not just a surfer.        

Group Sesssions

The NSSC HAWAII  group surf coaching program is designed to fine tune surf body mechanics and technique as well as competition drills, heat preparation, waves selection and strategies.   All trainings will be filmed for group analysis of surf mechanics and technique. 

Each training session will begin with 30 minutes of conditioning (stretching, cardio, core stability and balance strength training).  Many young surfers have been surfing in one stance for many years creating an imbalance in the core development.  So what we will focus on is correcting these imbalances with core stability exercises (no crunches or sit ups).  All of our balance strength training will be with body weight, resistance bands and medicine balls (max 8 lbs.). 

Included in the workout riders will train surf technique and mechanics on Street  Boardz.  These boards are design to be ridden like a surfboard, no tapping and hopping like a regular skateboard.  They must be ridden with proper surf body mechanics and a carving flow or they will not go.  Drills will include bottom turns, cutbacks, and fin busts all done with proper surf body mechanics.                   Mahina working on her cutback                   

Now that the body has been properly warmed up and tuned into the proper surf body mechanics the remainder of the session will be spent in the water using what was learned on land.  This will be done in 15-20 minute heats (depending on size of surf.  The group will be broken down in to a heat and judging panel.  A peer judging panel will work with the coach on scoring waves.  This gives them the opportunity to learn the scoring criteria, waves selection and body mechanics.   At the end of the heat the roles will be reversed.   All surfing will be videoed for group analysis at next coaching session.  This offers the chance to see and compare our video clips to those of pros and their techniques in the same maneuvers. This is very helpful in honing ones technique, style, and wave selection.

Side plank for core stability

One on One Coaching
         Our one on one program is designed to bring out the best in every surfer.  Weather you are looking to improve your technique, style, wave knowledge  or performance in competition this individual program will key in on your abilities and focus on improving them. 
          Your session begins with a quick 3 minute postural assessment.  By doing this we are able to note the muscular imbalances in your body ( over & under developed muscles) as this can play a large part in your technique and body mechanics.  Then you surf for 15-20 minutes to show case your ability, which will be videoed for analysis.   After a quick review of video it's on to the street board to work on fine tuning your mechanics.  Then it's back to the water to put the mechanics together.
           If you are preparing for an event the session will be at the contest venue to learn the break at different tides and conditions.  You will run mock heats surfing against the clock and possibly against the coach.  All sessions will be videoed for analysis.
Testimonial of Brisa Hennessy
I feel very lucky to be training with Coach Kahea.  One thing you have got to know about Coach Kahea is that he is so passionate about what he does.  He gives 110% and he really cares about his students.  Not only is he an incredible teacher, but he rips too!   He makes you see your mistakes and teaches you how to change them quickly.  His classes are so much fun and at the same time you learn a lot.  Thank you Coach Kahea!

One on One Coaching

1 session
3 hours   $300
4 sessions (1 per wk for a month)
 3 hours each
Group Clinic Schedule
Location will depend on ocean conditions.
Booking is done monthly only.  Days and times subject to change.
Division  Day  Time
9-13 mixed level
 11 and under  Thurs  3pm
 13 and older  Fri  3pm
Monthly: 2 days per week
$360 (8 days monthly)
Monthly: 1 day per week

Steps to register:

1. Print, fill out, and mail the Registration From to address on form.

2. Send payment by mail or pay online using the secure link below.
*If you pay online a 3% payment proccessing fee will be added to your payment.

 Monthly 2 days/wk:

  Monthly 1 day/wk:

Monthly Private 1day/wk:

One Private Coaching Session:


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